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External Shower

Extend the reach of your faucet to anywhere in your bathroom

  • Multi-purpose: Get any cleaning job done quickly and effectively including sink showering, hair rinsing, baby washing, pet bathing, and all-around bathroom cleaning.
  • Simple and easy installation: Everything is included so even the "building challenged" can install this sink hose sprayer with ease. No extra plumbing is required!
  • Functional hand shower: Comes with a 2-function hand shower and a high-pressure shower-head, which allows you to quickly and easily change your preferred mode.
  • Portable shower stand: a free stand is available. The bracket mounted on the toilet tank can be separated as the bracket for the wall-mounted shower. The stand adapts to almost all hand sprayers, bidets, or shower-heads.
  • Long flexible hose: This elegant shower holder can be adjusted from different angles. The extendable shower hose allows you to adjust the length.
Working Temperature 10℃-90℃
Valve Core Material Stainless Steel
Flexibility 360 rotate tap
Certification FCC

The sprayer attachment hooks up to your faucet in a minute