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Can I cancel my order after I've bought something on the website?

We offer immediate order cancellation. If you change your mind, you have up to 12-24 hours to cancel it after purchasing. All you need to do is to contact us at, we will cancel and refund you in full upon receipt of your cancellation request.

When will my order ship?

Please be patient ♥ Don't hesitate to send us a message at if you feel like you've been waiting for too long! 

Orders can sometimes take 3-6 days to process after placing the order before shipping out. We do not ship on weekends.

Note that some limited edition items can take up to an additional 20 days to process (ship out) due to custom edition manufacturing times.

Where are my items shipping from and why does it take so long?

Our items are made by and shipped out directly by our various suppliers. It's how we're able to offer such a diverse collection of goods curated by our designers!

Many of our items in the collections are oriental in nature and are crafted by East Asian and Southeast Asian people.

Items in our featured artists and craftspeople sections are created directly by them and shipped out by them. 

Thank you for your patience in regards to our shipping times. We are aware that the slow shipping is a part of our customer experience but it is a sacrifice we are willing to make in order to offer a vast diversity of products from craftspeople all around the world.

Why do we offer items from East/South East Asia?

Sourcing apparel and accessories from Asia allows us to curate a wide reaching and varied collection of items.

Isn’t a big corporation the opposite of what you want to be?

We've learned that sometimes the best way to change the system is not by swimming upstream and fighting the mainstream - but by going with the flow and keeping a positive intention at the heart of all things.

The joy at the heart of our business is working with small artists and craftspeople who don’t have the advantage of using mainstream marketing techniques. Our goal is to have their products seen!

We employ classic digital marketing techniques using split-tested variating seasonal trends in order to drive visitors to our site and build our email and subscriber list.

This is the key - by building this first connection it allows us to create outreach for individuals and artists without this kind of opportunity to show off their amazing products to the world.

So where's my tracking number?

When your items are shipped out, you should receive an automatic notification from the system via email providing you with a tracking number.

If you haven't received one or if the tracking number doesn't work, no worries. Contact us and we'll solve it! 

If you need more detailed information, please shoot us an email at and we'll help you out!

What if the item I ordered arrived broken or damaged?

For sudden instances or cases, we will make it up to you by sending a replacement or refund. We take great care in selecting the manufacturers of our curated collections. If you discover a flaw or fault in the item, please contact us within the first 48 hours of receiving it.

How do I return something? 

We offer returns for product that is defective or damaged during shipping. Just let us know and we will provide a return address and a replacement. Items purchased from our Featured Artists offer their own returns policies - please find the returns policy for the artist you'd like to return items to here:

Please feel free to contact us about returns at

If you are unsatisfied with your order - please contact our support and we will do our best to help you out!

Only one of my items came in the package?

We're glad to hear your first package has arrived and hope you liked it.

Since you’ve ordered multiple items, our handling team on the manufacturing site sometimes puts them in separate packages to maintain their quality. This is the reason why these are being shipped out to you in separate packages on different timelines.

Your other items are surely in transit to your location.

What if I still haven't received my items!?

Please send us an email at and we will handle it. 

We promise, if your package has been lost in shipping, we will send you another one for free. It may take up to 4-6 weeks for some orders to arrive, we're so sorry about the long waiting times! If you feel unsatisfied with the wait time, we will refund you 100% of your order when you are able to return the package when it arrives back to us. Please don't be mad at us :)

Yeah... we actually get sad when someone gets mad at us. We're not a big business with a lot of staff. Please be patient with us as we try our best!

Customer satisfaction is VERY important to us. We know how it feels to be a customer and we'll do everything in our power to make sure everything goes smoothly. Just send us a message and we'll figure it out!

Thank you for your patience and understanding!